Next level monetization.

With AdMob’s innovative ad formats and advanced monetization technology, you don’t have to choose between revenue and player experience. You can create engaging mobile gaming experiences while maximizing the value of every impression.

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Next level monetization.

Step up your game.

AdMob makes it easy to integrate ads into your game, so you can keep your focus on creating the best user experience for players.


Maximize lasting app revenue.

  • Smart segmentation

    Advanced machine learning technology predicts whether players will make in-app purchases and targets ads only to non-purchasers, tailoring the game experience to players’ preferences and unlocking more value from your total player base.

  • Mediation

    AdMob mediation lets you work with multiple ad networks efficiently to maximize your fill rate and revenue from anywhere in the world.

  • Open Bidding

    Open Bidding allows your ad sources to bid on each impression in real time. All participating networks compete at the same priority, so the winner of any impression goes to the highest-paying bid.

Find the answers you need to grow your game.

Find the answers you need to grow your game.

Find the answers you need to grow your game.
  • Get useful player insights

    The AdMob dashboard gives you actionable analytics about your ad performance and user engagement, so you can optimize the lifetime value of your players.

  • Optimize as you go

    With AdMob, you’ll never be stuck with ads that aren’t working. Player insights give you the information you need to course correct along the way.


Keep players engaged with your game.

Choose from a wide range of ad formats to create the best ad experience for your game.

  • Rewarded video ads

    Rewarded ads complement your IAP offering, allowing users to get a taste of select premium features by watching ads.

  • Banners and interstitial ads

    Banners and interstitial ads diversify ad placements in your game and generate high views and click-through rates.


Get more done faster.

  • Policies to protect players

    Strong ad policies and publisher controls help you create a brand-safe environment. Use the AdMob Policy Center to quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

  • You’re in control

    Flexible ad blocking controls give you full power over the ads that appear in your game.

Ads for all kinds of games.

Every game is different. AdMob provides monetization strategies that will work best for yours.

  • IAP-focused


    Strategy games primarily rely on in‑app purchases (IAP) to earn revenue. AdMob diversifies your ad strategy with smart segmentation, which prioritizes ads for predicted non-purchases, maximizing revenue with tailored ad experiences.

  • Hybrid monetization

    Hybrid monetization

    Casual games often use both IAPs and ad‑funded models. Take advantage of the many tools from AdMob that help you choose ad types to best suit your players.

  • Ads-funded


    Hyper‑casual games tend to attract a large player base quickly. Through our robust monetization platform, AdMob enables you to use insights and mediation to optimize your ad strategy and maximize your earnings.

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